grandchildren and great grandchildren birthdays

Grandchildren and great grandchildren love getting mail and opening cards from their grandparents.

Great Grandchild cards can be hard to find. Look no further – here’s a cute, inexpensive pack of 10 A2 (4.25”x5.5”) cards printed on felt textured paper with white square flap envelopes to celebrate your Great Granddaughter or Great Grandson’s birthday.

No Great Grandchildren quite yet? I will change the wording to read Granddaughter/ Grandson or supply your own titles (niece, nephew, etc).

grandson birthday cards granddaughter birthday cards grandchildren birthday cards packaged
All cards have the title you specify – no more crossing out or writing in the right relationship!

All cards say Happy Birthday on the inside, along with a prompt for YOU. Write a few words or a few sentences to share something with them.

Should you choose to send them all to the same child/ren, convo me about changing the messages inside from Happy Birthday to another hello greeting so you can use them as penpal notes instead.

Theme – Inside Prompt
Fairy – “If I could fly like a fairy…”
Music – “My favorite song…”
Flowers – “My dream garden would include…”
Tutu/Shoes – “My favorite form of movement…”
Rainbow/Sun – “On rainy days, I…”
Princess – “If I wore a crown…”
Owl – “Late at night I…”
Beach – “The perfect day at the beach would be…”
Cupcake – “My favorite flavor is…”
Butterfly – “If I had wings…”

Theme – Inside Prompt
Fish – “Near the water I…”
Sailboat – “My favorite part about the water…”
Wagon – “One time I rode in a wagon…”
Tent – “The best part about the great outdoors…”
Sports – “An activity I like is…”
Cowboy – “The wild west reminds me…”
Music – “Music makes me feel…”
Superhero – “My superpower is…”
Animals – ” My favorite animal is…”
Artist – “If I could draw anything it would be…”


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