vintage postage scale

vintage brass postal scale

We’ve been doing a fair amount of cleaning out around the house – some of it self inflicted, and some directed by various family members’ moving. In a closet was a small object that at first glance seemed to just be a knick knack dust collector. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a vintage brass postage scale that belonged to a great uncle.

brass postal scale with envelope

Searching online showed that there are several available for sale. This one seems to be missing it’s “Made in Japan” sticker, although there is a place for it on the felt bottom. It is meant to sit on a desktop and weigh letters to determine the postage due for the envelope.  The scale can measure up to 2 oz in .05 oz increments. Most of my stamps come in sheets now, however, I still have a roll of Forever flag postage that fits in the dispenser.  The screw is concealed beneath the finial.

brass postal scale with stamp dispenser

Considering my business revolves around hand written letters and cards, it was a fun find and an interesting story to uncover.

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