Sweetest Day

cupcake card

I first encountered Sweetest Day in high school when I worked for a garden center, and the florist promoted it as something not to forget each October.  I’ll admit – I assumed it was one of the made up card company events and didn’t think more about it.  Ever since, once someone says something about it each year, I do remember that it is in October, but never really put it on the calendar to make a point of celebrating myself.  It always seemed to fall just short of Valentine’s Day which is more recognizable.

However, I learned this week there’s a little more to the story behind it and decided to look it up myself.  In 1922 a committee of 12 Cleveland confectioners gave out candy to orphans and the poor. I had to laugh because now it makes perfect sense that something involving sweets would be called Sweetest Day. I’ve just always associated it with a slight rise in rose prices in the floral industry and something that comes between high school Homecoming and Halloween.

So, for those of you outside the Midwest, is Sweetest Day promoted near you?  It sounds like it is more regional during the third Saturday of October. But the original intention may have actually been a charitable gesture by Herbert Birch Kingston and his group to recognize some of the needy folks in his community.  Perhaps it is another small reminder to show appreciation to those around you.

I’m glad I took the time to read where Sweetest Day started, and that it is more about slowing down and capturing a moment to bring cheer to someone else. Maybe we’ll finally make some chocolate chip cookies this weekend (they’ve been on my list for a while now) to celebrate friendship and satisfy a sweets craving.

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