megan spindler

megan spindler

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Small orders welcome – Let’s talk details!

My passion is for making it easy for busy people to capture the important moments in their lives. I like problem solving, crafting solutions, observing how people behave in their environments, and learning about people’s experiences.  My focus is celebrating with baby boomers – many of whom are caregivers to kids, grandkids, and parents.  Here’s the place to select your wedding vow renewal announcements, wedding anniversary invitations, retirement party paper goods, 50+ birthday invites, and even great grandchild birthday cards (that actually say great granddaughter and great grandson without any carrot additions or strikethroughs!).

I also have a new subscription service to bring a smile to your parent’s and great aunt’s faces with some special mail just for them.

Whether you’re just too busy to get it done or feel you need some creative assistance, I’d love to help you with your custom request.